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Single-Use Gloves

SW has been manufacturing quality single-use gloves for over 30 years. Are process is honed to an art form with innovation at the center. Our team constantly looks for ways to improve our processes and product.

We select and use only the best raw materials from trusted suppliers. What makes SW gloves different form other manufacturers?

  • No other feels as comfortable or performs better than a SW glove
  • SW gloves are manufactured with the lowest thickness variance from finger to cuff
  • Our gloves are the CLEANEST off the line product on the market, with 75% less contaminants
  • 100% of our produces gloves are inspected for quality and defects

Our team regulates the manufacturing process closely, so all safety measures are met and exceeded. Our nitrile and latex gloves are constantly tested for defects, strength and durability, as well as thickness variants. Quality reports are created before every shipment to ensure there will be no issues with delivery.

Chemical Resistant Gloves & Household

Household gloves have been a staple product for SW. We have several grip patterns and lengths to suit any application. Some features include dual-color, dual-layered, inner lining, extended and elastic cuffs with patterns.

Chemical Resistant Gloves offer superior barrier protection against the harshest environments. Nitrile and Latex both offer unique protection against a variety of chemicals, so our R&D facilities have designed gloves that accentuate those natural properties. Features include multiple colors, thicknesses, and grip patterns. We also offer dual material dips that include Neoprene, Nitrile and Natural Latex.

Customized Gloves

SW has worked with numerous clients to create customized gloves. We can work with you to debvelop the perfect style to fit your needs. Customization can be changes in color, length, thickness, texture, and more. Our staff can work with you to develop the perfect gloves for any task, all developed with the same quality and care SW is know for. Contact us for pricing and minimum order quantities.

Other Products

Natural Latex Penrose Drains

Penrose drains are useful for fast and proper drainage of secretions and fluids. Made of soft rubber latex, Penrose drains help minimize wound irritation and trauma. SW manufactures a wide range of sizes for various situations.

Nitrile Tourniquets

Nitrile tourniquets are intended for use in medical situations. Tourniquets are designed to be tear and slip resistant. Nitrile tourniquets are free of allergy causing latex proteins.

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Phone: 510-429-8692