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Recommended Use

Nurture Your Hands in any work environment with Aloe Vera Stretch Vinyl gloves. ACTIValoe™ inner lining moisturizes dry chapped hands. Stretch Vinyl gloves with Aloe Vera are ideal when resistance to acids, fats, and alcohols is needed most. Stretch Vinyl gloves with Aloe Vera are made of poly-vinyl chloride and are free of natural rubber latex.

*Restrictions may apply, contact us for details

Clinical Studies

"Evaluation of aloe vera gel gloves in the treatment of dry skin associated with occupational exposure."

Colors Mint Green

ACTIValoe™ Freeze-dried Aloe Vera activates during glove use to moisturize damaged, cracked & chapped hands
Beaded Cuff Prevents tearing while donning and keeps glove cuff in place
PACK-rite® Neatly flat packed to reduce waste and cross contamination
Quality Extensive on-line and post-line processing reduces chemical residues, for an exceptionally clean glove
Food Safe DEHP free
Latex-Free Free of allergy causing latex proteins and powder-free

SW Specs

ASTM D5250

Length (mm)

min. 240

min. 230

Palm Width (mm)



Cuff Thickness (mm)



Palm Thickness (mm)



Finger Thickness (mm)



Tensile Strength (MPa)

min. 11

min. 11

Elongation (%)

min. 300

min. 300

Powder Mass

max 2.0 mg/glove

max 2.0 mg/glove

Protein Level



*glove specs are based off a medium sized glove