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Labs & Facilities


Shen Wei USA, Inc. currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide. Each factory is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. There are more than 28 dipping lines, running 24 hours a day. All factories have the capability to manufacture surgical, medical, and industrial grade latex and nitrile gloves. Additionally, we manufacture vinyl and rubber household gloves, x-ray compatible Penrose drains, and tourniquets.

Our manufacturing strength lies in the ability to adapt while maintaining superior quality. Our production lines are flexible and can be modified quickly to manufacture gloves in different materials, colors, lengths, and thicknesses. Shen Wei USA, Inc. will never compromise quality over quantity.

R&D Labs

The R&D department is intensely focused on creating new, innovative gloves. Shen Wei USA, Inc. aims to develop products to satisfy an ever changing consumer demand. Our test labs are constantly experimenting with incoming raw materials, in-process items, and finished goods to improve the existing product line.

Shen Wei USA, Inc. Original Gloves

Quality Assurance Labs

At Shen Wei USA, Inc., quality is our number one priority. Quality assurance tests are carried out according to strict protocols established by EN, ASTM, and ISO standards.

Quality assurance takes place at every step of the manufacturing process, from incoming materials inspections, to in-process lot inspections, final random inspections, and pre-shipment inspections.

Our gloves are subjected to a vigorous post-processing system where they are chlorinated, washed, spun dry, and dried again in an industrial strength dryer. The gloves are then individually 100% air-inflated to check for pinhole leaks, barrier, and visual defects.

Shen Wei USA, Inc. quality assurance requires that all gloves must comply with AQL 1.5 standards in the following tests:

  • Water Leakage
  • Air Inflation
  • Physical Property
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Powder and Protein

Packaging with PACK-rite®

Shen Wei USA, Inc. was the first in the industry to introduce PACK-rite® protocols. Gloves must be neatly packed flat by alternating the direction of packaging every 25 gloves. This process ensures our gloves are easy to dispense, while reducing waste and cross-contamination opportunities.

At Shen Wei USA, Inc., your safety is our responsibility.